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Tolegen Mukhamedzhanov

Composer, poet, laureate of the State Prize of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Professor, President of the International Association "Peace Through Culture", Co-Chair of the World Forum of Spiritual Culture. From October 31, 2012-November 13, 2014 - Director of the State Opera and Ballet Theatre “Astana Opera”.img_0695.jpg

President of the International Non-Governmental Foundation “Congress of Spiritual Concord”, President of the Kazakhstan Karate Federation “Shinkiokushinkay Kazakhstan”, President of the “Association of Kazakhstan fireworks”.

Tolegen Mukhamejanov is married and has 4 children. His wife is Nurzhamal Usenbayeva, People's Artist of the Republic of Kazakhstan, People's Artist of the Republic of Tatarstan, Laureate of the State Prize of the Republic of Kazakhstan.



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Dear friends,

I congratulate you on the upcoming holidays - Christmas and New Year!

Probably, these holidays are the most favorite, special and bright ones on our planet. They bring people together and energize them with positive energy of goodness and creation. Christmas celebrations inspire us to do good deeds and care heartily. These holidays bring to every home warmth and comfort. At these days, we forgive all wrongs. Moreover, hope, faith and expectation of miracles are in the air.

This holiday nourishes the kindest feelings and thoughts, and serves the union of millions of people based on common spiritual values and traditions, which are an integral part of mutual respect and concord, compassion and concern for their neighbors. This is the time for charity and mercy, sincere attention to all those in need of help and care.

At these wonderful days, I wish peace and prosperity, good and happiness to every home and every family. May this holiday give you the warmth of love and friendship, the light of high spirituality. May the New Year bring us new hope, new achievements and new joy!

Tolegen Mukhamejanov



Time shoots with the gun of hatred,

Full of mass anger missiles gated,

The hired feet tear the souls,

Rear the war fire - fierce and false.


Brother comes with weapons against brother,

Love is forgotten, it is erased and smothered,

As they have left the point of no return,

For peaceful life they only yearn.


In ecstasy of bile, venom of verbiage

Mass media defame, forgetting shame and privilege,

They have become deceitful weapons,

Those who brought good news and credence.     


Who will erect an unassailable Rubicon?

And pave the path to a forgotten world,

And find the words of the divine prayer

To keep from step towards despair?


Where is God, Creator of the life, the Planet?

Where is his palm that nurtured all of us?

Or don’t we keep the covenant of God inviolate,

And fulminate anathema at his ideas?


Let’s turn against the gloom of strife,

Let’s pave the way from heart to heart,

Let’s save the world from wicked part,

Let’s praise the tree of friendship,

which is the core of life.






 On July 5, 2014 Tolegen Mukhamejanov was awarded the title of Honorary Citizen of Astana city by Nursultan Nazarbayev, Head of State. 

Почетный гражданин Астаны










 On 25 January 2013 Tolegen Mukhamejanov will meet with the director of the Museum of the Bolshoi Theatre to discuss the issue of holding an exhibition of the museum collection of the Bolshoi Theatre at the Museum of the State Opera and Ballet Theatre "Astana Opera". The exhibition is scheduled for autumn 2013.


On 10 -11 January 2013 a business meeting of T. Muhamejanov and Director of the Paris National Opera Nicolas Joël  took place in Paris.

During his stay in Paris T. Muhamejanov also visited performances and met with representatives of the Opera Garnier, including Angelin Preljocaj, French dancer and choreographer.

On 12 -13 January, 2013 T. Muhamejanov met with General Manager of Milan Teatro alla Scala Maria de Gardi, and with Director of the Teatro dell' Opera Catello de Martino.

On 3 December 2012 the International Organizing Committee held a meeting to prepare for the second session of the World Forum of Spiritual Culture.


Tolegen Mukhamejanov met with Director General of the Bolshoi Theater Anatoly Iksanov in Moscow on 8 November 2012.

He also attended the dress rehearsal of Ivan the Terrible ballet staged by Yuri Grigorovich with music by Sergei Prokofiev.

Tolegen Mukhamejanov won

INTERNATIONAL AWARD “Man of the Year-2012”


The award was presented on 7 November 2012 and was dedicated to the 400th anniversary of the liberation of the Kremlin from the Polish invaders.

Award ceremony was held in the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour in Moscow.



On 31 October 2012 according to the order by the Head of State Nursultan Nazarbayev Tolegen Mukhamejanov has been appointed as a Director of State Opera and Ballet Theater "Astana Opera"




18 October – the Day of Spiritual Concord


Let’s Save Peace on our Planet!


Peace from my heart to your heart, Peace from my home to your home, Peace from my family to your family, Peace from my country to your country. World Peace - thanks to you and me, thanks to each of us, who has touched Peacekeeping by the smallest part of his or her heart. May Peace be upon your home, your beloved, and your parents! Peace on Earth for the sake of us all! Love your neighbour and God in your heart!



Tne International Research-to-Practice conference entitled "Towards World Peace through Spiritual Culture", dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the First World Congress of Spiritual Concord will take place on 17-19 October , 2012 in the capital of Kazakhstan, Astana. 

This conference will be working as well. It will draw up the results of the past 20 years and define the challenges of our movement. for the future. The conference will be an important step in preparation for the Second World Forum of Spiritual Culture, scheduled for 2013.




On September 12, a working session  with the participation of E. Balashov , Yu.Ageshin, L. Trunina, T. Mukhamedjanov took place in Moscow. During the working session the following issues were discussed: the theme of the conference, the key report and the number of Russian delegates.



On 10 -11 June 2012 Tolegen Mukhamedzhanov as part of the Kazakhstani government delegation took part in the final drawing of the candidate countries to hold EXPO 2017

image_534.jpg .



Dear friends! A beautiful video has been made for the song “My city” about Astana. The words by Nursultan Nazarbayev, music by T.Mukhamedjanov.  We offer it to your attention.








On 24 May 2012 Chairperson of the Council of the Interparliamentary Assembly V. Matvienko awarded a silver medal "CIS IPA 20 years" to Tolegen Mukhamedjanov.










- From 18 to 20 May the XXI Republican contest of young performers "Jas Khanat" was held in theCongress Hall in Astana where Tolegen Mukhamedjanov served asthe chairman of judges.



image_511.jpg - On April 13, 2012 Tolegen Mukhamejanov was in Moscow, where he met with the members of WFSC Presidium Yuri Ageshin and Eduard Balashov.They discussed the agenda and theme of the Conference, devoted to the 20th anniversary of the First Congress of Spiritual Concord, which will be held on October 18, 2012 in Astana. The issues connected with holding the Second WFSC, planned for 2013, were also discussed.






image_505.jpg Dear visitors of my creative world:


We have opened FORUM page for you, where each of you can make comments without registration. I will be very glad to answer all your questions and wishes.


With wishes of good and light,

Tolegen Mukhamedzhanov


- Armand Assante has won Best Short Documentary at Gasparilla International Film Festival in Tampa, Florida for the powerful 27 minute film that he wrote and directed, "Dialogue From the Steppes." 



- On March 28, 2012 Tolegen Mukhamedzhanov will take part in an opening ceremony and gala concert festival of Kyrgyz National Conservatory dedicated to the renewal of the University and opening of the big concert hall.


- Tolegen Mukhamedzhanov has been recognized as a Fellow of the

World Academy of Art and Science since February 1, 2012.



- Tolegen Mukhamedzhanov arrives in the Islamic Republic of Iran on a working visit on February, 8-10. The 25th International Islamic Unity Conference will be held in Teheran, the capital of Iran.



- On February, 2 Tolegen Mukhamedzhanov took part in the general session at the Ministry of Culture and Information.

- On Januaty, 20 Tolegen Mukhamedzhanov took part in the evening dedicated to the memory of Roza Baglanova, which took place in the Concert Hall "Kazakhstan" in Astana.



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