We received a huge gift from the Creator in the form of the world which is around us: mountains, lakes, seas, majestic forests, endless steppes, rapid and sleepy rivers and starry sky, so that we feel to the bottom of our hearts all the beauty of our temporary stay on the Earth. So let us love and cherish what has been created out of great love for us.



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lozh-1.jpg There lived a tricky man under the sun, who had a passion to play people up and deceive them. On this count, he succeeded a lot. He was not just cheating, but with all possible and impossible ways showed evidence for a lie and proved it to be the truth. Now and then people believed in his stories. And every time he managed to convince people of his lie, he derived immense pleasure and satisfaction from it. With this talent, he carved out a brilliant career, made a fortune, and was infinitely happy. 

lozh-2.jpgHe devotedly and diligently accomplished his unkind deeds, concealing their true meaning with lace of storytelling and falseness, painting them in the most glowing colors. However in the course of time his lie became plainer and more impudent, and all his tricks to prove its veracity were not convincing and illogical. And people ceased to trust him and take seriously all his various stories and explanations.  It never occurred to him, inasmuch as he got used to living in a different dimension, in the world of illusions and lie, and most importantly he began to believe in them himself. This would have continued for a long time, if on one of a very hot day, our hero decided to have a swim. He went into the river. The water was deceptively warm and tender, and he put his trust in a nimble river flow, when suddenly he felt that it was carrying him away to a whirlwind, to escape from which was impossible. And he started to howl: «I’m drowning! Help me!»  People who were standing on the shore, tired of his deceptions and lie, thought that  he was lying again, and just waved their hands. And he drowned. In such a way ingloriously and sadly the story of the great liar ended, the liar, who believed that lie was stronger than truth, and that by means of deception and concealment a person could find his fortune .







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