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"Know yourself and you will know the mankind".

An incredible mystery of our life journey is hidden in these four words. Can I know myself, my soul, my inner world, or will I roll just like a tumbleweed at the pleasure of the wind of time and pass my life, not bothering to search for answers to these questions, without trying to understand myself through all of us.




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The Mother's Heart





He was born a very talented, intelligent and diligent boy, and his parents seeing it have put all their love and care in him.
They helped him to get a first-class education, upbringing, and dreamed that he would become a great man, and they would be proud of him. 







The years of their painstaking work passed and, indeed, he became a great scientist. However he had a dream to create something new that would take everybody’s breath away. Working without stint and regardless of time, he flung himself into the whirlpool of searching for something incredible, unprecedented. 







In endless quest and experiments he came close to creating the perfect material, but it was necessary to make a sacrifice and  bring to the alter the great heart’s great love.









In the depths of despair, he asked his parents to help and find such a heart. What could be higher and more sacred than the mother's heart? And after having deliberated for a while, she said to her husband: "We have put our heart and soul in our boy, this work was hard and now we are to take one single step and our son will become the greatest scientist of the world. Give him my heart." 








Nobody knows how long that conversation lasted, but somehow she could convince him, and the father, who dreamed about his son’s glory much more than the mother did, brought the mother's heart. Being obsessed with the apple of his eye, the achievement of which was the most important for him, the son didn’t hesitate for a long time. And the mother's heart thrown on altar of fate has completed the process of material creation. 




He did it. He is a genius. The world was astonished at his discovery. He gave people a new material, which was able to work miracles. It gave people incredible opportunities, new horizons in exploration and conquest of the world. Yes, he did become famous, his invention was world-shaking and it seemed that everything was fine. 

 However people with their avidity, greed, and hatred, misused the invention. And he, too, being infected with the virus of all-permissiveness, was led by his mercantile interests. Coupled with new partners, he created a powerful weapon, which in an instant could destroy all life on the Planet, leaving only the natural resources. He was as happy as a prince, he felt powerful and omnipotent. People around seemed to be just small insects. The clock struck for him, there were only a few seconds left before starting the weapon.


Suddenly, he saw clearly his mother's heartimage_41.gif beating anxiously in the very core of the weapon, and he realized that with the explosion, he would detonate the heart of his mother. For the first time ever a warm filial feeling knocked at his callous and selfish heart. And perhaps at that moment he regretted everything ha had done, but the time was irreversible. The clock counted seconds. It seemed that all flesh would shudder with fear of death, but nothing happened. There was no explosion, just two hearts stopped beating: the Mother’s and the son’s. The mother's heart ceased to beat for the sake of life on Earth, thus having extinguished the heart of the son, which had once been given to him with the great love.2_4.jpg





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