The most inexhaustible, sublime, tender, and infinitely thorny subject for creativity is the theme of love. All poets of the world wrote, write and will write about this immense, marvelous, and deep feeling - poems, sonnets, dedications. And I'm one of them, who is trying to learn and understand my own self in the vast ocean of human happiness and misery, which name is love




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Evening fell. The admirable sunset


Evening fell. The admirable sunset. 

It’s so luring, charming. I’m rapt!

 Waiting for my girl with trepidation,

Throbbing heart which aches and sings a song.


No stars, just solitary heaven

Waiting for a date the moon as me,

Which is drifting on to meet its leman

As the summer after youthful spring.


Moon is on, stars turned on in the darkness.

But my girlfriend has not turned up.

I will wait. I ask the heaven: Tears

Of my longing pour over her.


And I’ll wait as night is blessed mystic

Which enwraps with magic everything.

And we’ll get an asked benediction –

Love of heaven falling as a rain.


Heart of mine looks forward to the meeting

Beating faster as the minutes pass

Don’t accept me while enjoying power

You’re exerting o’r my poor self.







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