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"Know yourself and you will know the mankind".

An incredible mystery of our life journey is hidden in these four words. Can I know myself, my soul, my inner world, or will I roll just like a tumbleweed at the pleasure of the wind of time and pass my life, not bothering to search for answers to these questions, without trying to understand myself through all of us.




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The Parable about Our Time and Us

There was a time when God created a man. For the sake of what, for what purpose, what did he want to achieve? Probably, He did not want to stand alone and needed a person to talk to, and maybe just a toy, which can move, consume as well as think, construct, and create. So God has created man in his own image and deprived him of the main thing that is truth. The truth in every thing so that he would not become God and not try to take His place. He presented the man with the Paradise and gave him everything in order he would want for nothing. And then in a few moments God forgot about him, being infatuated with creating other worlds. And here, the man was left alone and began to live the way he wished. Inasmuch as he had been deprived of the truth, he began to make mistakes, the number of which was constantly increasing. In the course of time the Paradise created by God started to lose its form, turning into a poor apology for it. Having understood this, the man threw himself to search feverishly for the real reason of his mistakes, he remembered God, His oracles and testaments, but since he did not know the true reason of his mistakes, he could not be heard by God, thus he was not able to stop the process of the Paradise destruction.

Then he came to Earth. It was large for one man. And he decided that there should be lots of men. Thus the mankind appeared.

It began to settle all over the Earth, share it between them. In order to be different people created their languages, clothes, various colors of skin, eyes and hair and at last established the states. 

Upon having recognized that some people have vaster and more fertile grounds, that they live better and are richer, it occurred to other people that they could take away and lay hands on another person’s property. For that purpose they learned to produce weapons of elimination which in course of time became more and more devious and dreadful. 

Then broke out the wars, endless wars for the sake of gain since the greed which had come to a man with incomprehension and not knowing his true destination proved to be unlimited. As a result of the mistakes the man made, his constant wandering, he had created the Hell, where he lives and from which he tries to escape, being racked by remorse. But being overburdened with his own whistles and needs, he is bogging down in ignorance and darkness.

At times he calls to God, yet his voice, divided into variety of conglomerates, confessions, languages, sounds disjunctive and diverse. It drowns in contradictions and conflicts, not giving birth to a single powerful appeal, which could have been heard. 

What shall we do? It is so simple; we need to find the truth in ourselves, to find God in ourselves, to understand that everything is indivisible and entire. Only together we can return God and the Paradise. We just need to stretch our hands to each other, unite all our hearts in one big heart, which will pulse in the same beat and impulse and in one chorus panegyrize the timeless values: kindness and justice, compassion and love, peace and concord.

Yes, the way is difficult, almost insurmountable, but we must pass it, we are to pass it. We must do it because there is no other alternative.






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