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There is a little devil in each of us, who sometimes brings us back to a distant time of youth, and even childhood, allowing us some freedom and antics, thus enabling us not always be too serious and correct, but rather slightly break the peace and tell jokes, and laugh.



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The Parable about Wisdom

1308826751_belt-of-the-archmage God has presented the primal man with the Belt of Wisdom, so that he creates the Paradise on the Earth. God also gave him directions: "Wherever you go, bring it along and you will always reach sound decision. If the Belt is not with you, it will cease to be the Belt of wisdom and just disappear". And with Belt the primal man rose to eminence. He managed to unite all people in one community, he gave them land and work, free and happy life, a dream, and they loved him for everything he had done.
Being highly elated over their love, people began to glorify him relentlessly, praise him to high heaven, and in the heat of their feelings, they compared him to God. At first he did not perceived praise, then he began to get used, further he liked it, and finally he believed in his impeccability, in his primordial wisdom and mind. At last, being completely convinced in his pre-eminence, he took the God given Belt of Wisdom off. Feeling absolutely self confident, he started to live with his own mind.

The first thing he did was that he started to bring those who were praising him more often and more pleasant, pouring speeches about his sunlikeness. He trusted them and gave them power, and sinking in imaginary glory, effusing by flatterers, he forgot about those who loved him indeed. Those whom he had put his trust in, little by little began to enjoy the entrusted power, enrich themselves endlessly, encroach on other people's property, humiliate and exploit people. And it happened from day to day, enlarging upon everything, and people began to get used to such a lie of matters, and it seemed to be everlasting and infinite.
And one day it stretched people's already thin patience. They all as one man turned against obnoxious tyranny, they expressed resentment, brought to book a mean handful of flatterers, and the primal man, whom they still trusted. And then he confusedly recollected about the Belt of Wisdom, which he on an impulse of arrogance took off and ditched he did not know where. He feverishly began searching for it, but it was in vein. He tried to recollect what wisdom was, but his stagnant brain, tired of endless praise could do nothing. In the darkness of despair he began to accept decisions, and each of them was more erroneous than the previous one. In the end people once and for all lost faith in him and threw him out of their history together with his coterie.
Thenceforth God has given nobody the Belt of Wisdom. He does give the opportunity to cognize wisdom those who are diligently searching for the ways of understanding themselves and the world around, and what is more important - those who sincerely and devotedly give the gain knowledge and wisdom back to people.


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