We received a huge gift from the Creator in the form of the world which is around us: mountains, lakes, seas, majestic forests, endless steppes, rapid and sleepy rivers and starry sky, so that we feel to the bottom of our hearts all the beauty of our temporary stay on the Earth. So let us love and cherish what has been created out of great love for us.



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The Parable about Our Earth

A long time ago the Earth was as pure as a virgin. She was saving herself as a bride in wait for the one and only chosen whom she could confide in. She was infinitely kind and friendly. She gave shelter and food to countless flocks, herds, huddles and animal stocks and they responded to her affection, carefully treating her beauty and purity.

One day he appeared - the God-man. He was mighty, lofty and handsome. He was smiling and it seemed that the sun was smiling with him, he saddened and the moon frowned with him, he sang and the sky and the wind echoed, and she fell madly in love with him. And he loved the Earth for her greatness and wideness, kindness and beauty, for the vastness and purity.

In course of time they have had children. They grew up, matured; raised children themselves and they moved away from the great love which gave them life further and further.

               The Earth - foremother became a bread-winner for them, for their enrichment, since they had forgotten what she meant for them, and the God-man turned into a myth, in which they believed and did not believe.

                They began plowing, harrowing, sowing for their needs and reaped a harvest, leaving a huge amount of waste that decayed, violating the absolute purity of the Earth. In search of food they mercilessly slaughtered animals, which she had so carefully cherished and nurtured. Then they started to dig huge holes on her body, in search of gold and other mineral resources, creating a wasteland or desert, but it was not enough, they began to execute demolition, testing more and more powerful weapons to destroy their own kind, and then used them in wars against each other.




And the Earth endured it all, she hoped that one day people would come to their senses and remember that she had given them life, that they had been born the children of great love, and that they could give her back the right to be loved and protected from any dirt. She hoped that they would cease to bury innocent victims in her soil, that they would become worthy sons and daughters of the beautiful God-man, whom she once confided in.




Then she decided to remind people of herself and showed her power, warning that all patience may come to an end. But people stuck in their internal wars, deafened by the ringing of gold, blind because of greed, continued to live in luxury and debauchery dope, losing their humanity, until their sins exceeded immensity.



Then the Earth, tired of the senseless arbitrariness, threw out  all her anger and with a huge wave swept away  all  humiliation, cleared herself out of endless torture and perversion, of hate and anger of ceased to be human beings people, and the God-man, turned away from people and became just God.

            In such a way a love story of the Earth and the God-man, the story of creation and development of human civilization will end, if the humanity is not able to return the grateful attitude and sincere love to the Earth and true faith of his work to the God-man.




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