The most inexhaustible, sublime, tender, and infinitely thorny subject for creativity is the theme of love. All poets of the world wrote, write and will write about this immense, marvelous, and deep feeling - poems, sonnets, dedications. And I'm one of them, who is trying to learn and understand my own self in the vast ocean of human happiness and misery, which name is love




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I wish I were a tear in your eyes


I wish I were a tear in your eyes

Which, paused to fall,

Brings peace to soul.

I wish it fell not teardrop

But were to live as talisman-

Eternal love, not creeping drop.


My tears then as tender show’r

Your silken hair downpour.

Let moment this for ever last

Which for love music of mine cast.


And then, behold:

Amazing world

Will down come by dewy way.

And tear yours

Which fall is due

Stands in my eyes, -

Oh, happy day!

Like phoenix us, please, fetch to skies!




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