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"Know yourself and you will know the mankind".

An incredible mystery of our life journey is hidden in these four words. Can I know myself, my soul, my inner world, or will I roll just like a tumbleweed at the pleasure of the wind of time and pass my life, not bothering to search for answers to these questions, without trying to understand myself through all of us.




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about immortality

image_500.jpg Oh, how I want to live long, to live for ever. To grow younger, stronger, smarter, richer with age, because I feel that I have been graced a lot, that I am special and unique. And what about disposition of God? He's definitely measured the age of every man's life, scaling it with the challenges and opportunities of each individual separately.





However it was long ago, at the dawn of the humankind, and under the age of high technology, scientific achievements that provide hope for the incredible longevity, it is possible to break the boundaries of limitation.






Therefore an incredible rush for the youth elixir began. All unsuccessful experiments of alchemists, sorcerers of all kinds, the great conquerors and shockers of the world's desires and dreams about reaching infinity had been forgotten and filed as history. All these seemed to be nonsense, delusions of ignorames in the labyrinths of ignorance, and in our time, the time of the greatest inventions it seems to us that we can do it.



image_502.jpgScience has achieved a lot indeed; it managed to look into the previously unexplored secret areas of nature of gene interconnections and in fact, with regard to the appeared trust in a chance of a lifetime, a chance to push the boundaries of human life. Researches, surveys, experiments on various living creatures are being conducted day and night, victimizing them because of the desire of a narrow circle of the powerful, and, of course, the desire to enrich themselves at the expense of ephemeral people' s whims which goes beyond the elementary logic. And every time it seems that the uncatchable Firebird of immortality is here, and it is the solution of the indeterminate problem of many generations starving for eternal life, and every time the great fortune slinks away as an invisible thread of transcendence. In such a way comes day after day, year after year, century after century.



And little do people know that there is the unattainable, the impossible. We cannot at the expense of others' lives, even animals, solve the problem of lengthening the human life in a mortal body, and the very desire to change it is, in fact, a grievous sin. It is impossible to upset the balance of the harmony produced by the Creator on Earth, and the slightest disturbance can lead to devastating consequences and global disasters.

image_503.jpg  It will lead not to the longevity, but to the disappearance of man in general, to the disappearance of a special individual whom the Creator had given true immortality - through his great works and deeds. Therefore the source of your immortality is not in all kinds of drugs and elixirs, but in sincere service to people, in your noble acts, in the talent of your creations, in the flight of your endeavors in a good cause. And the key point is that immortality cannot be measured by the amount of time you have lived, but by a result of your titanic labor and blessed hand of God that has touched your soul, which is truly immortal.







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