The most inexhaustible, sublime, tender, and infinitely thorny subject for creativity is the theme of love. All poets of the world wrote, write and will write about this immense, marvelous, and deep feeling - poems, sonnets, dedications. And I'm one of them, who is trying to learn and understand my own self in the vast ocean of human happiness and misery, which name is love




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God originally created the Universe, galaxies, and star systems, built their orbital motions, and then set the reference time. All this required intensive efforts from Him, and He decided to have a rest. For recreation, He clapped eyes on the Solar system, where the blue planet was, and He named it Earth. To make His recreation fruitful, God gave life to Earth, diverse flora and fauna, and created a living being, whom He gave intelligence to make Earth more beautiful. Thus, Man appeared.

While creating the first Man God set a task to make him highly spiritual. To accomplish this, He gave him wings so that Man could soar above Earth, and see the transcendental beauty of the world. That beauty would have saved him from over-consuming of indispensable to life products and other essentials. But Man soon shook down to it. He began to utilize this gift in his parochial interests, and inasmuch as flying altitude gave him incredible opportunities to cater for his needs, he nearly destroyed the animal and vegetal life. And then God took away His gift.






God had been thinking hard, what to give Man so that he should not turn into an animal. After many heart-searchings, He decided to give Man something that nobody could see or touch, something that would always be with him, something that would become his integral part, without which he simply would not exist, and that would elevate him above all animal and vegetal life. It was Soul.






And owing to his Soul Man became the creator. He began composing, writing poetry, drawing and producing pictures, reflecting his perception of the world. He began to contemplate, think, and discover the unknown. In grateful ecstasy people began to raise and panegyrize God for the great gift given them, they built Him temples, created Scriptures that became religions, swore allegiance and fidelity.  And God believed in Man. He believed in his oaths, his selectness, in eternity of spiritual values, embedded in him. Delighted by His victory, He decided to become Man’s soul. Yes, it was a miracle.

But Man quickly multiplied, there were more and more people, and every time God gave one small part of Himself to everyone, until He melted into hearts of millions of people living on Earth. Being aware that with the course of time it will be harder to cope with a lot of people, God decided to give people another spiritual height – Dream, in order it should not be easy to achieve it, God made it almost inaccessible. And Dream became an invisible bird of incredible human desires and wishes.





It was flying at an inaccessible altitude, often changing the direction of the flight, thus not allowing a person to understand the next time of its location so that he should not be given an opportunity to score a hit and easily possess it.

To achieve Dream, Man had to apply force and years of tireless, hard work in the name of noble goals focused on the benefit of people, and then Dream could perch on the shoulder of a person as the bluebird of happiness.





Everything would have been fine, but here Man showed his quirky mind, he perverted the very conception of the word “dream”, from some high spiritual concept he did something easily accessible, convenient, satisfying, sometimes very shoddy demands of any particular person. And having been melted in billions of hearts God could only be a silent witness to formation and development of Man who appeared to be more flexible and cunning, and most importantly, forgetful in his assurances of loyalty and devotion, he had given in the very beginning.


Meanwhile, Man was bogging in a swamp of his increasing needs. And he became less and less interested in issues of spirituality and spiritual values. They were considered only as another means of profit, capital accumulation, subject of vanity and satisfaction. They became just an item of goods, which were openly put up for various auctions, where anyone who had money, could become the owner of perfection. Man did not have both time and desire in remotest to think about Soul, and houses of God became centers of strife, places of pitting the faithful against each other, and politicking substituted the true goal, which is to serve the human soul and serve God.



Dissolved in the ocean of human passions God tried to return Man to the very beginning, to his soul, but closed ignorant hearts of people did not give Him the remotest chance of success. And Dream turned out to be privatized by greed; it materialized into people's desire to have as much wealth as possible and ceased to serve spirituality. Since material benefits were not sufficient for all people, it led to their colossal stratification.  The wealth of the one and the poverty of others have become a sort of Achilles’ heel for Man, an insolvable problem, which early or late may deprive him of the most precious thing, which is life. Besides, all this is aggravated by the result of barbarous people’s attitude towards Earth.


 It has been exhausted by endless looting of its natural resources, endless sucking dry to implement giant mega-projects, absolutely unwanted for life, covered with wounds because of unceasing wars. Earth can die without outside interference and bury under debris all flesh.
There is a dilemma: "What to do?"


There is one answer: return God. Return faith in God, return the true love for him, and open people's hearts to each other, stretch billions of invisible spiritual threads to God, which certainly will help Him to get out of deep dungeons of ignorance and greed, closed by human selfishness. And when God returns, Soul and Dream will come back with Him too. They are lost in labyrinths of man’s greatest fallacies in search of himself and his place in the world.

Let there be a Miracle! It is in our hands. It is in our hearts. Let’s open them to each other!image_523.jpg





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