The most inexhaustible, sublime, tender, and infinitely thorny subject for creativity is the theme of love. All poets of the world wrote, write and will write about this immense, marvelous, and deep feeling - poems, sonnets, dedications. And I'm one of them, who is trying to learn and understand my own self in the vast ocean of human happiness and misery, which name is love




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About Curiosity and a Heartless Cavity

 When observing Earth from above the distant clouds of Olympus, through the eyes of its inhabitants, you can see a usually invisible, unreal, vast ocean. It is not like existing seas and oceans. It breathes and lives as it were a living organism, hourly changing its dimensions and shades, causing both indescribable admiration and anxiety of the unpredictability of its future implications.image_524.jpg

            Calm moments are rare in the ocean. Restless commotions are increasing more and more in the depths of the ocean and as a result great waves rise afloat, rushing with an incredible force to the shore. The waves beat against the granite rocks, slip off, but again and again they come, and every time their storm becomes stronger, threatening to crush any barriers.


This is the ocean of human passions. It rages as it were a beehouse stirred up, in which, with all apparent chaos motion, a kind of organization is still in the air, involving in its orbit more and more parts of the whole. Ocasionally something holds off the fermentation process and a thin, shaky, hyaline, which reflects the sun's rays, appears on the surface of the ocean, creating an inimitable harmony of unity of the ocean and the sky, restoring for short while the marvelous balance. Then again raging contradictions of human passions appear and new, more powerful movements, threatening to destroy the whole surrounding world by devastating tsunami, begin in the ocean.



3_5.jpgAccording to an ancient legend, a long time ago, when God created Man, He decided to exalt him above the whole Universe, and gave him the singular gifts: love, virtue, wisdom, compassion, generosity, nobility and magnanimity. These qualities were to make a man's life interesting and informative, full of joy and happiness, creation, and art. 





And all the opposites, including hatred and violence, jealousy and selfishness, greed and deceit, slander and betrayal Creator hid in an abyss of a heartless cavity surrounded by dense fog.



               Having loaded the gifts in the boat of his heart, Man set off along the river of life and his first steps were truly blessed. His deeds and actions were full of perfection and harmony, and served noble ideas and goals. He was infinitely happy, and his life was full of peace and bliss. However, on rare occasions strange feeling of wonder and curiosity visited Man. He was wondering what had been hidden behind a wall of fog that surrounded his world, hanging over the edge of the abyss, and sometimes he had a desire to look into it. It seemed to him that something unimaginable was there, but every time the Creator quietly extinguished those impulses. In course of time, when both the Creator and Man came to believe in the inviolability of rugged code of morals, the Creator quitted Man to create other worlds and civilizations. Left alone Man for some time continued to live as he had done it before, but he was getting more and more curious to know what was lurking behind the fog of prohibition. Once curiosity exceeded both wisdom and virtue, and Man went into a wall of fog. 


A fall into the heartless cavity was unexpected. Having not realized what had happened, Man had already been surrounded by the antipodes of the gifts the Creator had given him. They stuck into his body and, penetrating deeper and deeper, eventually reached the depths of his heart, where he enchased the singular gifts of the Creator.image_527.jpg

  The fighting for the soul of Man began. The struggle for whom he would be, whether he would be able to regain the bygone harmony with the environment, or become a victim of his selfishness and greed, violence and hatred, slander and discord, cruelty and indifference, that overcame him. Started as a small tricklet, the fighting turned into a vast ocean. Since then the ocean of human passions has been raging. Huge waves of incomprehension and suffering rise there, threatening to drown all that had been created by the Creator for a full-blooded human life on Earth. 


And everyone, who is not indifferent, is concerned and agitated about the question,  whether Man  will be able to cope with the struggle that is taking place in his heart himself,  tussle the evil that came to him through his curiosity, and conquer? Or will he rely on the return of the Creator and abide for a miracle? And a call to Man breaks from the bottom of the hearts of the concerned:

"Do not wait for the Creator, do not wait for a miracle, become the creator of your destiny, exalt yourself, do miracles with your own hands and then bring back the bygone greatness, happiness, and harmony of unity with nature and the Peace, once created by the Creator, will come back to Earth. Find the strengths and courage to step over the dark abyss of the weaknesses revealed to you by the heartless cavity, burn senses generating greed, corruption and lust out from your heart, sponge out the memory of the years and centuries of obscurantism and violence caused by blindness and deafness to the human suffering; embrace the world with your kindness and love, and you will be rewarded a hundrefold and an unprecedented harmony of all things will come on Earth with Peace and Concord”.







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